Avenues of Support


Supporting monetarily will enable us to purchase the supplies we need in order to bring effective aid to the people of the Bahamas. We will be purchasing supplies for building, cleaninghygiene, safety, groceries and more. 

If this avenue is for you, then you can give a donation through the PayPal portal for the Bahamas Relief Aid by clicking the "Donate Here" button found on every page. 100% of all donated funds will go to the purchase of more supplies, such as the ones found on our About page.




Perhaps you believe that you could help by sending supplies, workers, or even going yourself. 

If this avenue is for you, then you can contact us via phone at 239-370-4444 or reach by email at...

Any and every donation goes directly to the people of the Bahamas.


Certainly one of the greatest ways that you can support the Bahamas Relief effort is through sharing the cause with your network. 

If this avenue is for you, then you can help out by sharing our website, with anyone in your network so that we can reach the greatest audience with this mission. 

Remember, no contribution is too small and the precious people of the Bahamas receive and appreciate every bit of it.


Bahamas Relief Aid.com

We are a disaster relief group organized out of Southwest Florida by Michael DeVolder (founder of www.BreakTheCycleIOfHunger.org). Our mission is to organize and supply nonprofit, humanitarian aid to the people of the Bahamas.